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Poolside Executive Tee

Poolside Executive Tee
Poolside Executive Tee
Poolside Executive Tee
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Poolside Executive Tee
Poolside Executive Tee
Poolside Executive Tee
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Product Overview: 

Make a splash with your style in the "Poolside Executive" Tee, a whimsical addition to our Humor & Whimsy collection. This T-shirt artfully blends the absurd with the everyday, inviting smiles and double-takes with its unique design. 

Visual Amusement: 

Adorning the front is a vibrant cartoon illustration of a classic office chair, donned with swimming goggles, making a leisurely float in a pool. This unexpected aquatic adventurer redefines 'executive lounge', combining workplace formality with poolside relaxation. 

Quality and Comfort: 

  • Luxurious Ring-Spun Cotton: Our tees are spun from 100% combed, ring-spun cotton, resulting in a finer, smoother, and stronger fabric. 

  • Retaining Collar: The ribbed collar’s flexibility allows for easy dressing while maintaining its shape, offering a snug, yet comfortable neckline. 

  • Structured Shoulders: Shoulder tape overlays ensure the garment remains well-structured and resistant to wear and tear. 

Care and Maintenance: 

  • Hassle-Free Washing: Machine washable at a cool temperature to maintain the vibrant print and fabric integrity. 

  • Gentle Tumble Dry: A low heat setting ensures efficient drying while preserving the tee's shape. 

  • Simple Ironing: Medium heat ironing keeps your shirt crisp without the risk of damage. 

Everyday Versatility: 

Designed for those who love to keep it casual yet creative, this T-shirt can transition from a laid-back weekend outfit to an eye-catching ensemble at a social gathering. The tear-away label means all-day comfort without any irritation. 

Styled effortlessly with shorts for a summer vibe or jeans for cooler days, the "Poolside Executive" Tee is your go-to for a quirky touch to your everyday wear. Enjoy the comfort, embrace the fun, and let your tee do the talking! 


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