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Sunbathing Toast Tee

Sunbathing Toast Tee
Sunbathing Toast Tee
Sunbathing Toast Tee
Sunbathing Toast Tee
Sunbathing Toast Tee
Sunbathing Toast Tee
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Product Overview: 

Infuse your day with a slice of summer with the "Sunbathing Toast" Tee, fresh from our Humor & Whimsy collection. It's a wearable pop art masterpiece that combines bold graphics with a sunny disposition. 

Artistic Flair: 

This tee features a quirky pop art design of a toast lounging on a banana peel beach towel, complete with sunglasses and a protective umbrella. It's a toast to the carefree days of summer and an invitation to embrace the bright side of life with a hint of humor. 

Superior Quality: 

  • Soft Ring-Spun Cotton: Our tees are made from 100% combed, ring-spun cotton, delivering comfort and durability. 

  • Flexible Collar: The ribbed collar provides an adaptable fit, stretching for comfort and returning to size for a smart look. 

  • Durable Shoulders: The shirt is fortified with shoulder tape, reinforcing the fit and preserving the tee's shape. 

Care and Durability: 

  • Cold Wash Friendly: Keep the colors vibrant with a gentle cold machine wash. 

  • Tumble Dry Low: Preserve the fabric's integrity and print quality with low heat drying. 

  • Medium Heat Iron: Easily iron out any creases for a crisp, neat appearance. 

Wearable Fun: 

This "Sunbathing Toast" Tee is for those who carry their humor as comfortably as their style. With a tear-away label, it offers uninterrupted comfort, making it an easy choice for a variety of occasions. 

Whether you're actually hitting the beach or just cruising through your day-to-day, this T-shirt pairs effortlessly with shorts, jeans, or even a skirt. Don your "Sunbathing Toast" Tee and let the world know you're ready to soak up some fun! 




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